We Don’t Need Another Frank Ocean Album

OK!! OK!! OK!! hear me out.

I’ll start by saying we don’t need another Frank Ocean album right now. Is this better?

Now, I love Frank like everybody else and am an avid follower/ cult member of his reddit page.

But, there seems to be so much pressure on artists releasing new music in today’s world that sometimes a lot of it is shit i.e. Tik Tok songs. While they are catchy and create fun content they are still not the type to have a lasting effect.

Frank has given us 1 mixtape and 3 albums, which are held up to a decently high standard within the music industry. If you like more of a raw Frank- Nostalgia Ultra might be your go to with classics like Swim Good and Novocain. Then we get his debut album with Channel Orange loaded with great writing and great production and Frank lets us in his life a little.

It then takes 4 years to get a project from Frank and we get Endless. A video album? At first confused and mesmerized by the project was not sure what to think. You could argue now it may be his best, I’ll leave that up for debate. But, after drinking all night and discussing Endless with my roommate he casually mentions Blonde’s release and more confusion continues to set in.

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I’ve listened to Blonde hundreds of times and with each comes different emotions- crying, joyfulness, thoughtfulness so on so forth. There may be a handful of albums that have had this effect on me since August 20th, 2016. And for that I am thankful and want to get back to my point on not needing a Frank Ocean album… right now.

Giving artists time is one of the most thoughtful things as a fan I can provide. I want these artists to take time with their projects and sit with them before giving it to the world. Usually, a rushed project may leave the fans wanting more but from whatever his next project may be, if there is one, I want it to last me another 4 + years.

If there was never another album to come from Frank, I can live off Nostalgia Ultra, Channel Orange, Endless, & Blonde. It’s enough and we should be appreciative of that.

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